We are all leaders. Leadership is in us! I used to think each person is either a leader or a follower, but after years of observing fellow brands and industry professionals, I have realized that we all have the capacity for leadership and relentless confidence. Professionals flow in and out of a leadership mindset based on how easily influenced they are (or aren't) by external noise and pressures around them. Let's help you maintain your leadership mindset for good!

This is a tough-love ditty sharing my tools for eradicating self-doubt. It's for everyone who is self employed, especially those in the wellness industry. I share a story about my university professor who was called out for being a fraud. Isn’t this everyone’s worst nightmare in our industry? I close the episode with truth bombs dedicated to insecure wellness and fitness professionals who can’t afford to keep being apologetic in their careers. You know who you are, Friends.

Vancouver-born Athlete, Lifestyle Personality and Publicist Mindy Ambrose shares tips for personal brands and micro-businesses seeking an insider look at earning media features and PR opportunities in their industry. Mindy helps both newbies and seasoned professionals decode the PR game, and learn how to hone their brand and expose it to bigger, more targeted audiences.